Written, directed, shot and post by Marcus Flack.

Now this was one exciting project for OKYES. A brand that is located in 22 offices worldwide. The challenge was to showcase the award winning work and highlight the human aspect behind the creativity of the brand. All in the begging stages of a global pandemic.

We created a instructional video that was sent out globally for the staff to film themselves with smartphones. The rules we gave them created a symmetry in every portrait that was then used in a very special way in effects shots. We ended up collecting around 300 video portraits all up. All without lifting a camera ourselves in Amsterdam. 

We took their logo and created it physically here in Amsterdam. The blocks made of solid walnut, and we came up with a very clever mechanism to raise and lower the logo in shot. (someone under the table doing the work by hand....no lie)

We love effects work, but we love it even more when its in camera. This was a labor of love but we are super happy with the final result.